ARA320555 -- Heavy Duty Chassis Brace Set (ARAC3732)

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This high-quality Heavy Duty Chassis Brace Set provides the perfect replacement part for your kit items.



Strategically engineered to add strength in highly-stressed areas - Tough composite material for long-lasting durability during extreme RC action - Precision manufactured mounting holes for secure and reliable fit - Specially designed wire tidy loop for neat electrical installation


1 x Front Chassis Brace

1 x Short Rear Chassis Brace

1 x Long Rear Chassis Brace

2 x Chassis Brace Spacer

2020 Kraton BLX ARA8608V5T1, ARA8608V5T2
2020 Notorious BLX ARA8611V5T1, ARA8611V5T2
2020 Typhon BLX ARA8606V5

2019 Kraton BLX ARA106040T1, ARA106040T2
2019 Notorious BLX ARA106044T1, ARA106044T2
2019 Outcast BLX 10yr ARA106060
2019 Outcast BLX ARA106042T1, ARA106042T2
2019 Typhon BLX ARA106046

2018 Notorious BLX AR106034, AR106036

2017 Kraton BLX AR106029, AR106031
2017 Outcast BLX AR106032, AR106033
2017 Senton BLX AR102673
2017 Typhon BLX AR106028