AR550010 dBoots 'Sand Scorpion MT 6S' Tire Set Glued (Black) (2pcs)

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AR550010 dBoots 'Sand Scorpion MT 6S' Tire Set Glued (Black) (2pcs)

These high-quality dBoots tires mounted on ARRMA wheels are direct replacements for your kit items.

Tires: Multi-surface tread pattern for awesome traction in all conditions - High-quality rubber for long-lasting durability - Pre-glued for trouble-free fit and servicing
Wheels: Multi-spoke design for stylish looks and increased strength - Super-tough nylon for durability on all surfaces - Black color for head-turning ARRMA styling - 17mm Hex for strength during extreme driving action and easy servicing
Foam Inserts: High-quality foam with excellent memory return - Specially designed to give the perfect balance of aggressive grip and easy handling characteristics

Wheel bead diameter: 3.8" (97mm)
Width: 3.4" (87mm)
Wheel hex size: 17mm
Overall diameter: 6.5" (165mm)

2 x Black Wheels with pre-glued dBoots tires per pack

2018 Outcast 6S AR106032, AR106033
2018 Notorious 6S BLX AR106034, AR106036

2017 Outcast 6S AR106021, AR106027

2016 Nero 6S BLX EDC AR106011
2016 Nero 6S BLX AR106009
2016 Nero 6S Big Rock 4WD AR106017
2016 Fazon 6S BLX AR106020